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Ecotopia-more than just camp!
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Ecotopia is a yearly two-week meeting of activists, groups and individuals involved or interested in environmental and social justice issues. It's a horizontally organized camp, with veggie kitchen...

Daily programme consists of workshops, and camp running activities (cooking, building, etc). Until now, following workshops have been proposed: theatre, music, crafts, alternative building, different DIY techniques, campaigning, puppetry, permaculture, several discussions on noborder issues, GMOs, EU expansion, globalisation issues, etc. The content is completely determined by the participants themselves. This year, the theme is Art and Activism and a lot of workshops will be around creative dissent. Beside workshops, you will have an opportunity to see the surrounding of Zajezka and visit local projects, nature parks and a lake.

Ecotopia is open for everyone, to meet and share information, knowledge and skills. It can also be used as a a meeting space for grassroots, networks, etc.
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